At the age of 17 Feyona met a highly qualified, attractive and inspiring photographer. He was a leading,  wide respected top professional with clients as Shell, Van Gispen, Philips to mention a couple of worldwilde successful enterprises.  Due to his enthousiasm on what he noticed: the very precise watching, perceiving every detail he put a lifetime stamp on her :  "Flop, this is absolutely , really THE job for you too!";


Finally, ad the age of 38, she gathered enough self confidence and sat down in the schoolbenches of the Academy for Photography.  
Specialized in the brand of documentary  photography.

The registration of  happenings, being able to share with others, always striving to be factual and truthful matters to me.  A special experience in the past was within the Diamond Industry in Belgium. With an accredition, a permit supplied by the Police she was  accepted within the Jewish community in Antwerpen and while creating  a documentary on the Industry, giving the rare opportunity to learn a lot about rituals and values of  people working within "the girls best fiends" business.

After Hurricane Sandy hit New York, she also became specialized in a very rewarding part of photography. Restoration, Retouche and adding missing  bodyparts.  (World Wide Volunteer professionals helped victims of this disaster  with their irreplaceable but badly damaged photos and changing them into almost new pictures). Very rewarding.

People wonder about the expenses;  a restoration is a time-intense process.
The costs depend on the damage incurred, a varity between € 30 and € 450 excl. VAT (btw)

 Like a professor who wanted to leave a photo instead of a painting at the university  of Leiden when he went to emirate. He himself was an experienced and skilled amateur photographer and very much aware of the camera. As he had filled lecture halls for many hours,  talking about this time made him forget the camera.  ( most important: the professor himself was very satisfied with the results)



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